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Proofreading for
Romance/Adult Fiction

line art of a blue pencil

I'll proofread your romance novel or adult fiction manuscript line by line and highlight any remaining errors that could mislead your reader. Any heat level including erotica will be considered.

I will check for: 

  • Consistency in design of text and image elements

  • Consistency in character names and location names

  • Consistent hyphenation and capitalization

  • Dialogue punctuation

  • Stacked hyphens

  • Correct word usage - homophones and homonyms

  • Pagination and chapter sequencing

  • Paragraph and section breaks

  • Removal of extraneous letter and line spaces

  • Standard and consistent spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Standard paragraph indentation

  • Widows, orphans and short lines


I will use a bespoke style sheet with details provided by you, keeping you in control.

In a tailored style sheet I'll write down your personal preferences about spelling, hyphenation, numbering, capitalisation, punctuation style and much more. 

Fairy Lights

You will have your project polished up by a qualified proofreader. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing & Proofreading (CIEP) and completed training in General Proofreading: Theory and Practice. I can offer a calm head, a friendly approach, a flexible attitude and, when required, a fast turnaround. I always maintain your voice, deliver on budget, to the brief and to the deadline. Let's work together and get your writing published.


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