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Editorial Services

I work with:


  • Authors looking to self-publish their work.

  • Professionals in the publishing industry.

  • Non-native English speakers wanting to be understood.

  • Businesses that need to present a professional image.

Reliable editors know what their responsibilities are and are not. It is best not to blur the lines and end up doing all the editing in one pass. This is not beneficial in the long run. I offer the last two stages of editing; copy editing and proofreading. Contact me to take your text from good to great! As a copy editor, I can enhance your content's clarity, coherence, and style. If it has already been edited, I can ensure it's flawless with my meticulous proofreading services. Want to see some of the projects I have worked on? View my portfolio.

Contact me

Get in touch and see if we would be a great fit. Please let me know whether your project is Fiction or Non-fiction, a word count and an estimated timeline.

Thanks for submitting!

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